History of the brand


The creator of the Versan brand was born in Saint-Gaudens, in the heart of the Piedmont Pyrenees . This city also saw the birth of the Sunn mountain bike factory and brand, famous for its steel bikes with very carefully designed geometry. The Pro Team with its 81 world titles and the slogan "Go ride" will give Sunn unparalleled popularity.


The 1990s, a key decade for mountain biking from the United States, marked a turning point for the sport.
Residing in Saint-Gaudens, our rider evolves within an exclusive circle, meeting champions and experienced mechanics from the Sunn teams.
Our enthusiast, involved in national mountain bike competitions under the aegis of the FFC, takes his place in the world of mountain biking. His faithful companion, a hardtail mountain bike, is his ultimate asset. He personalizes it for each discipline - XC, Trial, Downhill - and for each race. The mount is capable of lining up at the start of the most varied races. This approach led him to master the technical aspect of hardtails, thus sparking an interest in the development of frame geometries.


The passion for cycling continues, with a constant quest for frames reminiscent of the original Mountain Bikes. It is gradually becoming clear that authenticity, versatility and mechanical simplicity are diminishing in the context of modern mountain bikes.


Our enthusiast was inspired by the authentic spirit of the 90s, the versatility of bikes from that era and contemporary environmental challenges. This is how the idea of ​​designing a bicycle frame was born, a vision that took shape on paper.


The foundations of the future framework are taking shape, bringing Project Hardtail to life. Discussions with enthusiasts and professionals, as well as a first prototype, enrich the concept. The fundamental principles of Versan are emerging: versatility, reliability, agility, dynamism, comfort, perceived quality and commitment to the planet, with exclusively French manufacturing.


The project path, although seemingly simple, faces significant challenges. The cycling industry in France is no longer omnipresent, but little by little solutions are emerging. After tests on the first prototypes, Projet Hardtail continues its consolidation. The company is born, the specifications take shape, the 3D design materializes, and partnerships begin with brands and service providers joining forces within Projet Hardtail. The invaluable contribution of enthusiasts via social networks guides the final design of the future frame. A second prototype is born.


Project Hardtail is transformed into the Versan brand, carrying within it the values ​​dear to the company and the heritage of Mountain Bike. Multiple prototypes and pre-production frames have taken shape, finalizing ultimate testing and cosmetic adjustments. The company is established in Île de France.

The bike is now ready to be revealed to enthusiasts, the brand will be presented for the first time at the Roc D'azur and a pre-production frame will take the test. The magazines Vojo, Vélo Vert and Vélo Tout Terrain dedicate interviews and articles to Versan.