Less is more

Steel remains the most recycled material in the world, and at Versan, we have chosen it not only for its exceptional dynamic qualities when it comes to our frames, but also for its virtues in terms of recyclability.

At Reynolds, steel is at the heart of their know-how. They have made the use of recycled steel a standard for the manufacture of their tubes. This means that our Versan frames are made from steel that has already had a useful life and, through recycling, is given a new life as an essential component of our frames. It is an eco-responsible choice that reduces our environmental footprint and supports the circular economy.

The minimalist design of our frames speaks volumes about our commitment to steel. The excellent mechanical properties of steel allow us to use less material than other materials such as aluminum or carbon, while maintaining high strength.

Estimated volume of materials in liters contained in a frame:

In summary, our Versan frames are much more than just bicycle components. They embody our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and quality. By choosing a Versan frame, you not only choose an authentic mountain bike, but also environmental responsibility.