“A steel made in France and well anchored in its time”

Vojo Magazine

The fruit of our work is undeniable: a minimalist and efficient mountain bike.

With its agile geometry and tolerant handling, it filters even more the roughness of the terrain compared to the usual standards of steel frames.

These pedaling capabilities and the ability to attach up to three bottle cages also make it a great adventure bike.

  • Rear dropout machined in France to accommodate the universal UDH™ derailleur hanger.

    SRAM UDH™ 
  • Our paint is designed to withstand off-road use: thick and extremely durable.


We have exceeded the specifications, because for us, a bike is above all sensations on the handlebars, what we call the ride feeling .

Long driving sessions, testing and prototyping allowed us to achieve our comfort and traction objectives.

Inside the tubes, the thicknesses of materials vary from tenths to several millimeters, adapted to stress zones to offer more or less flexibility or resistance. Likewise, the balance between the steel grades and the geometric shapes that we have given to the tubes greatly improves the absorption of the terrain.

Our solution: absort® is the result of this constant search for ride feeling - increased comfort and traction.

Don't let any obstacle hinder your adventure thanks to the visible mounting of the sheaths on the frame.

Choose 3 bottle cage insert positions and embark on the adventure.

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HEROC frame

HEROC frame

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  • Steels made in England and Italy


    Welding and machining carried out in France

  • High resistance coating painted without solvent in France

  • Emblem and lettering made in France


Size guide

You can influence your riding thanks to the size of your frame: a longer bike will be more stable in fast sections and steep climbs, a shorter bike will be more agile, especially in technical sections. We created the intermediate size Medium-Long to adapt even better to everyone.

For optimal comfort and pedaling efficiency, it is important to have the correct saddle height. But just as important is the ability to lower the saddle as much as possible for added confidence on descents and technical sections. For these two reasons we designed sloping frames that accept long travel telescopic seat posts.

  • MATERIALS TIG-welded Reynolds and Columbus steels, silver-brazed accessories
    FORK TRAVEL 130mm / 540mm
    MAX TIRES 29"x2.6 / 27.5"x2.8/3"
    MAX CHAINRING 34 teeth
    SEAT POST ⌀31.6mm
    SEAT CLAMP ⌀34.9mm
    REAR AXLE 148mm x ⌀12mm
    BSA 73mm threaded bottom bracket
    HEADSET ZS44 / EC 44mm
    REAR BRAKE International Standard
    WEIGHT 2.4kg (size M without option)