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Clear weather glasses

Clear weather glasses

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Sunglasses - 100% UV protection category 3, VLT 12%, for strong light in a natural environment - Organically sourced frame - Unisex and universal model - Without correction - Cleaning pouch included in the box.

Sunglasses cat. 3, VLT 16%

The glasses will protect your eyes in all weather thanks to their 100% UV category 3 gray screen specially designed to ensure respect for natural colors in all weather conditions.

Encompassing glass

The encompassing frame of the glasses provides protection against the wind generated by speed but also the branches which could be in your path.

Wide field of vision

The full-coverage frame offers a wide field of vision to fully enjoy the panorama during your outings.

Bio-sourced material

The frame of the glasses is made from 45% organic polyamide based on castor oil.

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